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Noel Grealish his story....

Noel Grealish grew up in a large Carnmore family of nine boys and one girl.

Like so many in the West of Ireland, many of the Grealish family had to emigrate in search of work — at one point there were seven of them abroad, and currently Noel has three siblings living in Boston and one each in Copenhagen, Chicago and Nebraska.

When he’s not working hard, travelling to and from the Dáil, helping people at his constituency office in Briarhill or meeting constituents in their own communities, hurling is one of Noel’s passions — he is currently chairman of the Carnmore club. He also enjoys skiing (though not in Carnmore!), golf, and travelling to the US to meet up with his family.

Considering his name, it’s no surprise that Noel’s birthday is in December, and his most recent one was a milestone, his 50th.

Apart from representing the interests of the people of Galway as an elected TD, he has enjoyed meeting world figures like the late Ted Kennedy and, more recently, Prince Charles and Pope Francis, with whom he had a private audience.

Outside of politics, Noel established the Galway Glass Centre, which traded at Briarhill Business Park until 2012.


Noel began his political career when he was elected to Galway County Council in 1999 as a member of the Progressive Democrats and in 2002 he stood for election to the Dáil, following the retirement from national politics of Bobby Molloy, one of the founding members of the PDs.

The election campaign in Galway West was a lesson in electoral strategy.

Noel secured 2,700 first preference votes and still managed to get elected, largely thanks to strong transfers in subsequent counts from party colleagues, city councillors Donal Lyons and Declan McDonnell. Indeed it was transfers from the surplus votes of current President Michael D Higgins that gave him the final push he needed to be elected on the last count.

Noel stood for re-election in 2007 and, at a time when his party  suffered from a fall in support, he more than doubled his personal vote to 5,806, a tribute to his hard work.

After the break-up of the PDs in 2009, Noel stood as an Independent candidate, again enjoying huge support from the people of Galway and increasing his vote further to 6,229.

He has campaigned hard during his time in the Dáil on priority issues like the prevention of crime, improving access to hospitals and other medical services, fast tracking the delivery of additional housing stock, practical solutions to Galway’s traffic problems, continuing to secure funding for flood alleviation measures in Galway, measures to protect and increase employment in Galway, and adequate funding for people with disabilities and disability services.



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