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Every local authority in Ireland is responsible for compiling and publishing a list of voters in its area. This is called the Register of Electors or the Electoral Register.


Anyone can inspect this Register to see if their name is listed.


The register can be checked at post offices, Garda Stations, Public Libraries, Courthouses or Local Authorities.

You can also check Online - Am I on the Galway Electoral Register.


The published Register contains the voter's name, address, polling station and category of voter.


If you are not on the Register you should complete a RFA1 - ENGLISH VERSION - IRISH VERSION Claim for Correction in Draft Register of Electors form and return it to your Local Authority

(Galway City Council) before the 25th November.

A new draft Register is compiled each year and is published on 1 November.














If you are qualified to vote but have missed the 25th November deadline to include your name on the Register, you can apply to be included in a Supplement to the Register (RFA2 Form)


Eligible electors whose names are included in the supplement will be entitled to vote at an election or referendum held during the lifetime of the register.

How do I register to vote in Galway City & County?


If you need any further assistance in registering to vote

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